Particular Particles

October 03, 2020 ( last updated : October 03, 2020 )
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Particular Particles

Hello friends! Today we have a couple of visual updates, or ‘Juice’ as the industry likes to call it. A lot of the changes boil down to using a particle system, which is fortunately baked into Unity, but still required a bit of learning to figure out how to use it.

Particle System

If we boiled down the Shoot your Friends experience to two main elements, we’d be left with Shoot and Friends. Both are impactful, so we wanted to make sure our fancy new particle emitters affected both.

When a player fires a bullet, it now emits a trail of particles. It’s a somewhat subtle effect, but I thought it gave a little more ‘oomph’ to the shots. Likewise, when a player is killed they explode into a burst of particles. This is also adding ‘oomph,’ but to the act of murdering your friends.

In both cases, the particles are coloured to match whichever team the actor belongs to. I got to write a script for that which I’m pretty proud of.

Other Changes

Originally published October 03, 2020
Latest update October 03, 2020

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