Improving Quality of Life

July 18, 2020 ( last updated : July 18, 2020 )
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Improving Quality of Life

Hello, friends! Since our last update, we’ve been working hard at swatting bugs and improving quality of life.

Gameplay Bugs

Level Selection Bugs

One of the thorns we’ve encountered has been our level selection screen. Early on, we had decided we’d like to have navigation resemble a carousel, but we weren’t sure how to implement it. Eventually we muddled through it, but we uncovered - or perhaps introduced - a number of bugs in the process. The level selection screen has received a great deal of love, so many of our resolved bugs are related to that:

Quality of Life Improvements


One of the things that should be a no-brainer yet somehow wasn’t included in our game was the ability to save your audio and video settings. Talk about an oversight! Whether that’s a feature or a basic requirement, we’ve gone ahead and added the ability to do that. We also noticed some issues where the Options menu would show the default settings instead of what the active settings are, so we went ahead and fixed that too.

Game Modes

Almost all of our experience with our testers indicated that there was some confusion about how to play certain game modes. In a bid to rectify this, we’ve added an information dialog for each game mode. This is a window that can be brought up explaining what exactly the game mode is. Hopefully that clears things up!

Loading Times

Nobody likes waiting around on loading screens, so we’ve optimized our algorithm to get you back to shooting your friends faster.

Originally published July 18, 2020
Latest update July 18, 2020

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