Clones and Explosives

September 19, 2020 ( last updated : September 19, 2020 )
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Clones and Explosives

Hello friends! It’s been a pretty busy week here at Fancy Pigeon, with a new weapon, new gamemode, and what feels like a bazillion tweaks and bug fixes. Let’s jump right into it

Simulacra Mode

This game mode plays just like the Stock mode rules. That is, players will fight it out until their team runs out of the lives. The big difference here is that all of your lives are spawned at once, so each player is controlling multiple characters. This feels odd, and maybe even a little whacky, but we thought it would make an interesting addition.

Fun Fact: This mode was inspired by a bug we were experiencing with the spread gun. It turns out that the nature of that weapon may cause multiple projectiles to strike a player at once, and each projectile was a trigger to spawn a new player. We’ve fixed that bug, but added this mode because, frankly, we thought it was a hilarious interaction.


It seemed a shame to use our ultra-cool explosion effect only on the rocket launcher, so we decided to give the player access to grenades as their primary weapon. A projectile is thrown a short distance away, and detonates after a brief delay. If we’re comparing it to the rocket launcher, the range is much lower, but the rate of fire is much higher. We’ve found that it makes an excellent defensive weapon, as you can throw grenades behind you while on the run.

The grenade also represents our most complex animation to date, which in fairness is not saying much. We wanted the grenade to appear to spin in the air, as well as appearing to travel in an arc. We had some trouble conceptualizing what an arc might look like in a top-down game. In the end, we achieved our desired effect with a simple growth/shrinking animation. We’re pretty pleased with it!


As is becoming the norm at this point in development, most of our work is on polishing the game. Here’s an itemized list of what we did:



Originally published September 19, 2020
Latest update September 19, 2020

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