Announcing New Content

March 16, 2021 ( last updated : March 16, 2021 )
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Announcing New Content

Hello friends! If the title of this post didn’t give it away, we have an announcement we’d like to share. Shoot Your Friends was released a month ago, and after a well-earned rest for our team we started cracking on our first content update!

Now we’ve played a couple of video games in our day, so we’ve drafted some frequently asked questions here:

Q: What do I get?

A little bit of everything. If you boil down Shoot Your Friends into its component parts, you’ve got guns, game modes, and levels. Which is why this update will be featuring new weapons, a new gamemode, and new levels. We’re also exploring adding some new vehicles for you to play as.

Q: When do I get it?

Soon! Version 1.1 is coming to Steam in early April 2021, so keep your eyes peeled!

Q: What will it cost me?

Nothing at all! We’re providing these new features as a free content update.

Originally published March 16, 2021
Latest update March 16, 2021

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